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Zetox- New Detoxification Supplement

Zetox- New Detoxification Supplement

Zetox – New Supplement Claims to Flush Toxins

Zetox is a new "detoxification" supplement that has been introduced to the market recently.  Zetox is manufactured and sold by a new company called Regal Supplements, and currently this supplement is their only product.

Regal Supplements is owned by Micah Portney. Micah has been manufacturing and shipping the zeolite products for supplementation since the 1990’s. In fact, he states that pioneered zeolite supplementation in North America.  His products include zeolite capsules for digestive issues, and zeolite powders and capsules for detoxification, and have been sold under a company called ZeoHealth. Mr. Portney also manufactures private label zeolite products for other companies, and is frequently called in on consultation for manufacturing issues regarding zeolite.

According to Mr Portney, "zeolite powders are great for people who want a higher concentration of zeolite, or do not want the hassle of mixing the powder in a beverage or food. Zeolite powders also have a consistency that some people do not like, and it is hard to get children to take them. That is why Regal Supplements’ first product is a zeolite suspension. It is delicious and convenient."

Zetox is considered a "detoxification product". The claim is that it cleanses the body of heavy metals and toxins, and it gets deep into the body to flush out toxins that the body can not clear on its own. The main ingredient in Zetox is a mineral called zeolite, but it also has vitamins and natural flavors.

Zetox is a nutritional supplement, therefore it is not regulated strictly by the FDA. Potential users of any supplement should check carefully before using.

Zetox is not found in stores. You can get more information about zetox buy visiting The Official website for Zetox.

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