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Corpses Defiled By Urinating U.S. Marines

Corpses Defiled By Urinating U.S. Marines

 A shocking video has surfaced showing 4 US Marines, in patrol in Afghanistan, urinating while standing over corpses that are alleged to be members of the Taliban. This short clip was posted on the Live Leak website, and has since been uploaded to YouTube and picked up by newsires around the world.  Although the audio is not clear, one soldier is thought to be saying something about a golden shower. Another says, "Have a good day buddy." 

A note included with the video  said the US soldiers were part of the Marine Scout Sniper Team 4 and the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. This has not been confirmed by the Pentagon.

A spokesperson from the Pentagon,  John Kirby when contacted for a reaction, stated in part that soldiers spokesman John Kirby said: "Regardless of the circumstances or who is in the video, this is… egregious, disgusting behaviour, unacceptable for anyone in uniform… It turned my stomach,"

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta voiced his opinion that the video is "utterly deplorable" and that the men featured in the video would be found and held fully accountable. He immediately ordered NATO security force in Afghanistan and the U.S.  Marine Corps to investigate the video and identify the Marines responsible for this reprehensible act.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a statement of condemnation as well. In her words, this act is inconsistent with American values and the standards of behaviour expected from U.S. Military Personnel.

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  1. While this type of conduct, if true, is unacceptable for American servicemen, I find interesting the standard to which some would hold our military while ignoring the deplorable acts of enemy.

    How can the media give such extensive coverage to the underpants on the head incidents of Abu Grabe while almost ignoring the beheadings,burnings, mutilations, and hanging from bridges Americans who have fallen into enemy hands, some of whom had no military role?

    Political correctness has run amuck in the mainstream media and we are reaping the result of that indoctrination as this story will be milked for weeks and fueled by the “shock” and “horror” of some public officials.

    I would wish that all who serve would be out of harm’s way and removed from the stressful circumstances that created such conduct and at the same time be insulated from the judgmental gaze of the hypocritical press.

    • pffft anyone who pulls down their zipper and waters a corpse deserves a judgemental gaze. “Johnny did it first” wasn’t a good enough excuse in grade school and it isn’t good enough now. I am curious … which beheadings, burnings, mutilations, and hanging from bridges have gone unreported?

      Besides, holding our servicemen to a higher standard is not hypocritical. They should always be held to a higher standard. There is a code of conduct that says so.

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