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Miscarriage Risk Increased Due To Exposure To Chemical In Plastic

Miscarriage Risk Increased Due To Exposure To Chemical In Plastic

Scientists in Denmark studied childless couples who were trying to conceive. They found that the women who had higher exposure to a particular chemical found in plastic was at higher risk of not carrying the child to term.miscarriage, than women with lower exposure. 

In a study, first reported on by Renee Gardner, it has been discovered that women exposed to levels considered "normal" of a common phthalate readily found in everyday plastics, were more likely to lose the  Image:© Natalia Belotelova |     pregnancy early on, than women who were not exposed. It is important to note that the pregnancies at risk were in women who were exposed to the breakdown chemical at around the time of conception, and not during the months prior.

There haven’t been any other studies examining a link between phthalates and miscarriage, so more work is needed before drawing definitive conclusions. 

People are largely exposed to phthalates through their diet. Water bottles and plastic packaging are the largest contributors to plastic chemicals getting into our bodies. Phthalates are also found in personal care items such as cosmetics. 

Couples participating in the study in Denmark contributed daily urine samples, which were then measured for the compounds. There were 148 women followed in the study. Out of this group, 48 of the women miscarried. 32 of them were very early on and identified by the hormone levels measured in their urine. The women in this study were exposed to phthalates in a similar amount as women in other parts of the world. 

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